Zanganâthra of the black moons

(intermediate god, pronounced zan-gan-AH-thrah)

Zanganâthra is the Oridian god of sorcery and black magic. Almost all evil wizards, and some neutral ones as well, pray to Zanganâthra for success in their dark enchantments and experiments. Zanganâthra is fond of the bizarre and strange, and is always searching for new magics; especially those involving the dark arts, and will send out his avatar when he becomes aware of any magical experimentation. Mortals knowing this are frequently able to trick Zanganâthra in sending his avatar, but usually end up far worse off for their efforts. As the patron of the dark arts, Zanganâthra is very protective of his worshipers who are its practitioners. Anyone interfering with the efforts of his worshipers are likely to incur his wrath dealt out by his avatar. He is the keeper of the Necromicon, the Book of the Dead; as such Zanganâthra can automatically command undead, no turn/command attempt necessary. If a wizard prays to Zanganâthra prior to casting any necromantic spells, the spell caster receives bonuses that the target must save at minus one to its saving throw vs. the spell and it will be at plus one per hit die of damage if applicable. Zanganâthra is one of the most anti-social of all the deities of Oriden; he prefers to be alone only really caring about his worshipers Even though he is evil, Zanganâthra won’t join Set’s Brotherhood of Evil. Consequently, Set and Zanganâthra are belligerent with one another. Since Zanganâthra’s power over undead is greater than of Set’s, his sect doesn’t actively battle against Zanganâthra’s wizard/priests. Hence Zanganâthra’s independence from Set and his minions. Even Tiamat respects Zanganâthra’s power too much for her to try and “reign him in.”

Statistics: AL ne; WAL any neutral or evil; AoC black magic, necromancy; SY a moonless night sky.

Zanganâthra’s avatar (necromancer 30, mage 15)

Zanganâthra’s avatar appears as an elderly man in heavy tunic and robes carrying a long staff.


ST 12, DX 15, CN 15, IN 22, WI 17, CH 12
MV 15, SZ 6’, MR 40%, AC 4, HD 20
HP 80, #AT 1, THAC0 14, Dmg 1d4 (dagger)

Special Att/Def.: Zanganâthra’s avatar will avoid combat whenever possible. If cornered, he will use his magical staff to attack; when it hits, it turns his opponent into a pool of water, permanently (although a save versus wands is allowed to avoid this transformation). Zanganâthra also uses his magical powers to polymorph his enemies into animals, often leaving them as such for years at a time as punishment for some wrong they did to him or his worshipers

Duties of the Priesthood: Priests of Zanganâthra are clerics who, at higher levels, are able to cast wizard spells. His priests often take part in group rituals to stir up magic involved in other ceremonies. However, all priests must perform an entire month of prayer in solitude every year — those who did not achieve enough experience to gain a level in that year must start over at the next lower level level after that month is through.

Requirements: AB standard plus IN 15; AL any neutral or evil; WP dagger; AR nil; SP all, astral, charm, chaos, combat*, creation, divination, elemental*, guardian, healing*, necromantic, protection*, summoning, sun*, time, weather (*minor access); PW 6) cast wizard spells as if they were wizards five levels lower in experience; TU automatically command up to number of hit dice equal to priest’s level.


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