Tiamat the chromatic dragon

queen of the evil dragons, creator of all maleficent life
(greater god, pronounced TEE-ah-maht)

Tiamat was created by Ordor from space dust soon after the formation of Oriden. Ordor delegated to Tiamat the task of organizing sentient life to the negative side of consciousness. Tiamat then created the first chromatic dragons to facilitate her assigned task. These first chromatic dragons multiplied as well as building awesome and intimidating magical kingdoms. All the while organizing sentient life to negative consciousness facing fierce competition from Bahamut and his metallic dragons. Although the civilizations built by the chromatic dragons did not match the ones built by the metallic in splendor, or wealth, they did match them in power. After many generations, Tiamat saw that the civilizations made by her dragons could not catch up to the ones made by Bahamut’s and she became enraged with jealousy. She organized her dragons into armies and made war upon the metallic dragons whose wealth and splendor she wanted so badly. The two sides were evenly matched and the war eventually caused the destruction of all draconian civilizations. The knowledge of magic was lost to the ages.

After witnessing Bahamut create the Human and Demi-human races, Tiamat decided to create her portion of the second creation wave. From the sulfurous bowels of Oriden, she created the Goblinoid races. As much as possible, Tiamat corrupted various factions of the Humans and Demi-humans to her side forever cursing Bahamut’s new creations with evil. Tiamat then created the spider queen Lolth to direct the evil Elves, the Drow. Tiamat also took a human male, adopted him and made him her protégé renaming him Set, the god of evil and the night. Tiamat also brought up from the lower planes Morzul the tormentor, Faminix the destroyer and Pox the Lord of Plague to curse Oriden with wide-spread famine, disaster and pandemic disease. Now the stage has been set and our history is unfolding against this backdrop.
Role Playing Notes: Tiamat also is deeply involved in the affairs of mortals on Oriden. She is constantly converting as many mortal beings as possible to her side. If any mortals resist, she destroys them and their households if possible. Those mortals who she does convert are assimilated into Set’s Brotherhood of Evil to wreak havoc upon the side of good.

Statistics: AL le; WAL any evil; AoC evil dragons, negative conscienceness (evil); SY a figurine of a five headed dragon.

Tiamat’s Avatar (Wizard 20, special)

Tiamat’s avatar can freely shape-change. Most of the time she appears in her most awesome form, a huge, ancient dragon with a head of each of the first chromatic dragons: Red, black, blue, green and white, five heads in all.

ST 19 DX 25 CN 22 IN 25 WI 15 CH 16 (25 with evil dragons)
MV 21”/30” SZ 60’ long MR 65% AC 0
HD 16 HP 128 #AT 6 THAC0 2
Dmg 2-16/3-18/2-20/3-24/3-30/1-6

Special Att./Def.: Chief among this avatar’s powers is the ability to convert any being to evil alignment save lesser gods, or higher beings. Lesser divine beings are allowed a saving throw versus magic; mortals are automatically converted. This avatar can employ this power up to thrice daily. In combat, the avatar can use up to five breath weapons: Fire in a cone 90’ long with a final diameter of 30’ doing 88 hit points in damage, acid in a straight line stream 5’ wide and 60’ long doing 64 hit points in damage, a lightning bolt 5’ wide and 100’ long doing 80 hit points in damage, a chlorine gas cloud 50’ long by 40’ wide by 30’ high doing 72 hit points in damage, and cold in a cone 70’ long with a final diameter of 25’ doing 56 hit points in damage. All targets save versus breath weapon to half damage. All affected by these breath weapons save at a -2 penalty. Each breath weapon may be used up to twice daily. This avatar may also employ up to fifteen wizard spells per day at the 20th level of power: The white head may cast four spells of first and second levels, black may cast four spells of third and fourth levels, green may cast three spells of fifth and sixth level, blue may cast three spells of seventh and eighth levels, red may cast one spell of the ninth level.

Duties of Priesthood:

All priests of Tiamat are expected to protect their worshipers and convert as many mortals to evil as possible. As a force of evil, priests of Tiamat must combat good in all its forms and functions by any means possible. Usually the more shocking the means, the more likely Tiamat will grant a special favor to the priest or priests committing the act. Any priest failing to comply with these laws results in the immediate death of the priest and the consumption of his or her soul by Tiamat herself, so the priest cannot be raised by any means. Tiamat and her high priests strictly enforce these laws, so her priesthood generally has a high mortality rate. Therefore, to attract new acolytes, Tiamat bestows many powers to her priests.

Requirements: AB IN 13+, WI 14+, CN 14+; AL any evil; WP any; AR any; SP all, charm*, combat, creation, divination*, elemental, necromantic, protection, summoning (*minor access); PW 1) continuously radiate protection from good, 3) cast chill touch, flaming sphere, melf’s acid arrow, shocking grasp, and stinking cloud as wizard of same level 1/day/3 levels, 5) automatically command all undead of 3 hit dice or lower, 7) command undead power affects those of 5 hit dice or lower, 9) cast all wizard spells of fifth level or lower that replicate Tiamat’s five breath weapons as a wizard of the same level – five spells per day (one for each breath weapon); TU command.


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