Morzul the tormentor

(demi-god, pronounced MOHR-zool)

Morzul is the Oridian demigod of pain, suffering and death. This god loves nothing more than to inflict pain and suffering upon mortals. He then feeds on the victims’ screams of anguish ultimately consuming their souls. The evil of this god is even lower than that of Set. Oridians blame Morzul for most catastrophic disasters that cause suffering and death in biblical proportion. Morzul has powers suitable for inflicting such massive agony. He has the power to cause catastrophic disasters (e. g. earthquake, hurricane, tornado outbreak, etc.) over a maximum 160,000 square mile area. Morzul will specifically target large population centers to maximize the death and suffering these events bring. Fortunately, Morzul is sated relatively easily and these types of disasters are rare. Morzul can take two forms: A withered old man, or a Kraken-like squid.

Statistics: AL ce; WAL any evil; AoC pain, suffering, and death; SY a Kraken figure or a gnarly staff.

Morzul’s avatars

Kraken avatar: As the monster depicted in many publications describing fantastic monsters or mythological beings. Pick your favorite version and use it for this avatar. Morzul uses this avatar to cause disasters associated with the sea. Particularly this avatar can control weather to cause a category three to five hurricane (random determination) over a maximum area of 160,000 square miles.

Old man avatar (wizard 15, priest 15): Morzul’s other avatar appears as a withered old man carrying a gnarly staff. When this avatar appears, people suffer in its wake. This avatar has the power to wreak pain and suffering to any mortal being with a thought and a wave of its bony hand. The inflicted mortal will be incapacitated with pain of the most severe type and cry out in agony. Mortals of one hit die or greater are allowed a saving throw vs. spells to avoid the affects of this power. The avatar will then feed on the mortals suffering for one to three rounds before consuming its soul. Any mortal dying in this way cannot be raised of course. Morzul can affect any number of mortals in this fashion. This power take but one melee segment to cast. Morzul can inflict one target per melee round. Mortals seeing this avatar for the first time must save vs. death magic, or meet its gaze and die instantly. The dead mortal cannot be raised, as the avatar will have consumed its soul.


ST 10, DX 12, CN 25, IN 21, WI 23, CH 3
MV 24”, SZ 5½’, MR 70%, AC 0, HD 15
HP 157, #AT 1, THAC0 12, Dmg 1d3 + save vs. death magic

This avatar selects its spells suitable to Morzul’s areas of control.

Special Att. and Def.: Mortals who make physical contact with the avatar must save vs. death magic or die instantly and cannot be raised. The avatar is immune to all mind control magic and can be hit by only +1 or better weapons.

Duties of priesthood: Like priests of Faminix, priests of Morzul see their duty is to keep it from ever appearing on the prime material plane. They do this by making regular sacrifices of mortal souls to the deity. These priests, with their armies, will raid a village or town and capture as many townsfolk as possible. Afterward, the captured will be sacrificed one at a time to their deity to keep him sated. The victims of this sacrificial ritual cannot be raised because their souls have been consumed by Morzul. Since this sect has formed, Morzul has not made an appearance on Oriden for about 32 years. These priests use this fact as justification for their actions. The sacrificial rituals used are similar to those practiced by Aztec religions.

Requirements: AB standard; Al any evil; WP any; AR any; SP all, astral, charm*, combat, divination, elemental, guardian, healing*, necromantic, protection*, sun (reverse), weather (*minor access); PW 1) cause fear 1/day/level, 4) cause disease 1/day/3 levels, 9) death ray (q.v.) 1/day cast at priest’s level, 14) control weather (make storm) 1/day; TU nil.


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