Kardemarch the bloodthirsty,

the Lord of Annihilation
(lesser god, pronounced KAR-deh-mark)

Kardemarch is the Oridian god of battle and massacre. He is also the patriarch of mercenaries and other soldiers of fortune. Kardemarch is fond of strife, anger and unrestrained bloodletting, traits shared by those seeking battle for payment, and only popular with those people. Kardemarch has the power to cause fear and hatred in the heart of any intelligent being; save vs. spells applicable. Kardemarch’s true form is a large armored man with glowing red eyes and a permanent angry expression on his face.

Kardemarch is oppositional, defiant and wickedly evil. He is easily made to feel jealous and offended by others. Kardemarch tries to recruit new worshipers with very little success. If called upon in battle, there is a 5% chance Kardemarch sends his avatar to aid the beseecher. After the battle, the beseecher then must convert to the worship of Kardemarch, or face his avatar in battle. Transgressors against Kardemarch are usually punished by a swift and sure death.

Statistics: AL ce; WAL any evil, soldiers of fortune; AoC war, killing, strife; SY long-sword with dried bloodstains.

Kardemarch’s avatar (warrior 20)

This avatar appears as a huge fighter with glowing red eyes, bloodstained field plate armor and shield, and a bloodstained long-sword.

ST 21, DX 18, CN 18, IN 17, WI 16, CH 12
MV 15”, SZ 7½’, MR 25%, AC -3
HD 20, HP 160, #AT 2, THAC0 2
Dmg 1d8+8

Special Att. and Def.: After scoring a hit with the sword, the wound caused by it never heals and will bleed out at a rate of three hit-points per melee round. The wound will continue bleeding until a heal spell is cast over it, or the victim dies. One heal spell per wound caused by the avatar.

Duties of priesthood: Kardemarch’s priests often head mercenary companies and the like as well as being military advisers to the enemies of Mitra. These priests have an intense hatred for those who worship Athyrtinh. Priests of Kardemarch frequently will seek out to destroy the temples of Athyrtinh and kill all the temple’s clergy and worshipers. When these priests attack one of Athyrtinh’s temples, bloody fighting usually ensues between the two factions. Kardemarch and his following are part of Set’s Brotherhood of Evil.

Requirements: AB standard plus as fighters; AL any non-good; WP any; AR any; SP all, combat, elemental, healing, weather; PW 12) raise dead; TU nil.


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