Faminix the destroyer

(demigod, pronounced FA-mi-nix)

Faminix is the Oridian demi-god of insect plagues, and famine. His true form is that of a skeletal man wearing a ratty fur coat and carrying a withered, gnarly staff. Faminix’s skin is taught over his bones with an ugly yellow hue, his eyes are large and vacant, and his hair is thinning and filthy. The appearance of this deity on the prime material plane usually precedes some widespread famine, or plague of plant eating insects.

Faminix is able to cause drought in an area up to 160,000 square miles for duration of up to seven years. No more than an inch per year of rain will fall on an area so affected by Faminix. Those living in an area affected by drought brought by Faminix will see total crop failure after the second year. If no food is imported to that area in sufficient quantities, people will die of starvation starting with the very young, very old and infirm.

Faminix, likewise, controls the terrible Terrasque (q. v.) to exact a particularly vicious punishment on a specific locale that angered him in the past somehow. Last, but not least, Faminix can bring a plague of plant eating insects within a maximum area of 1,600 square miles for a maximum duration of two years. All crops within the area so affected will be destroyed. Faminix can inflict separate areas with one plague, or both plagues in a single area. Faminix causes these plagues in order to consume the souls of the dying.

If a person dies because of a plague caused by Faminix, he or she cannot be raised as the deity has consumed its soul. This deity has no avatar, but appears directly on the prime material plane. If killed while on the prime material plane, he is banished to his home plane in the Abyss for a period of seven years. Legend maintains Tiamat herself summoned this demon-lord from the Abyss to wreak havoc upon Oriden and its denizens. Many thousands of Oridians died before the demon-lord was banished back to its home plane. Faminix usually appears every seven to fourteen years unless some great sacrifice is made to him that sates his craving for mortal souls.

wizard, 20

ST 14,/tDX 23,CN 23, IN 24, WI 12, CH -4
MV 15”, SZ 8’, MR 80%, AC -2, HD 20
HP 90, AL CE, THAC0 14, #AT 1
Dmg 1d6 + withering disease
(save vs. petrification applicable)

Special Att. and Def.: Target struck by the staff will suffer a withering disease in some body part, DM’s choice. The affected body part will fall off within 4d4 turns unless a cure disease spell is cast over it. Mortals looking upon the deity for the first time must save vs. spells or flee in horror. The affected mortal will stop fleeing when the deity is out of sight, but must have a remove curse spell cast over him or her within twenty-four hours or the victim will be inflicted with some form of insanity of the DM’s choosing. The deity can only be struck by silver or magic weapons. It is also immune to heat-based attacks of any form. However, cold-based attacks do +1 hit-point per hit die of damage.

Duties of priesthood: Like priests of Morzul, priests of Faminix see their duty is to keep it from ever appearing on the prime material plane. They do this by making regular sacrifices of mortal souls to the deity. These priests, with their armies, will raid a village or town and capture as many townsfolk as possible. Afterward, the captured will be sacrificed one at a time to their deity to keep him sated. The victims of this sacrificial ritual cannot be raised because their souls have been consumed by Faminix. Since this sect has formed, Faminix has not made an appearance on Oriden, about 32 years. These priests use this fact as justification for their actions. The sacrificial rituals used are similar to those practiced by Aztec religions on Earth.

Requirements: AB standard; Al any evil; WP any; AR any; SP all, astral, charm­­­*, combat, divination, elemental, guardian, healing*, necromantic, plant (reverse), protection*, sun (reverse), weather (*minor access); PW 1) cause fear 1/day/level, 3) cause disease 1/day/3 levels, 9) insect plague 1/day, 14) control weather 1/day; TU nil.


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