Búrum the all-seeing master

(intermediate god, pronounced BOO-room)

The Goblinoids1 of Oriden have manifold deities representing almost every aspect of their miserable lives. At the top of this throng rests Búrum the all-seeing master, the cruelest lord and chief of the Goblinoid pantheon. Búrum is utterly ruthless and uses his followers as a chess master uses his pawns. Despite Búrum’s cruelty, his followers venerate him because he brings his worshipers what they want most, victory over Humans, Elves and Dwarves.
Búrum and his priests have organized the Goblinoid tribes into large military organizations. The organizations are growing ascendant over their hapless neighbors surrounding the eastern Central Plateau. Búrum has formed a tenuous alliance with Set and his forces form the majority of the Brotherhood of Evil. Búrum waits patiently for the call from Set to attack the forces of Mitra as his power grows within the alliance. In the meantime, he is satisfied to have his followers dominate those human communities neighboring his forces. Búrum’s true form is that of a giant cyclops Orc in full battle gear.

Statistics: AL le; WAL any evil, goblinoid; AoC goblinoid beings; SY an unblinking eye.

Búrum’s avatar (warrior 20, priest 10)

This avatar appears as an Orc of the size and strength of a Fire Giant (q.v.) and one eye in the middle of its forehead as a Cyclops (q.q.v.).

ST 21,DX 15, CN 25, IN 16, WI 20, CH 3*
MV 24”, SZ 12’, MR 35%, AC -7, HD 20
HP 188, #AT 1, THAC0 1, Dmg 1d10 + 9

*This avatar’s effect on goblinoid beings is equivalent to a Charisma score of twenty-two

This avatar selects its spells from the all, combat, creation, divination, elemental, guardian, protection, and summoning spheres.

Special Att. and Def.: Emits a heat ray from its eye with a range of 12 yards for 10d6 hit-points damage thrice per day; save vs. rods, staves and wands to half damage if applicable. Hurl large rocks for 2d10 hit-points in damage. Immune to mind control magic and requires +1 or better weapons to hit in combat.

Duties of Priesthood: Priests of Búrum are most often shamans for goblinoid tribes. Therefore, human priests of Búrum are very rare, approximately 2% of all priests of this sect and less than one-tenth of one percent of human clerics. Goblinoid shamans are limited to ninth level ability depending on their wisdom scores. Humans are unlimited in advancement by comparison. Human priests of Búrum usually form the leadership of human communities that are friendly with Goblinoids. Frequently, Goblinoid shamans are multi-classed warrior/priests and form the tribal leadership. All priests of Búrum have special powers and restrictions unique to the sect.

Requirements: AB standard; Al any evil, Goblinoids; WP any; AR any; SP all, combat, creation*, divination, elemental, guardian, healing*, necromantic*, protection and summoning (*minor access); PW 1) Change Self, 1/day/level 3) Bind, 1/day/3 levels 5) Monster Summoning I, 1/day/5 levels 7) Monster Summoning II 1/day/7 levels 9) Monster Summoning III, 1/day; TU command. Priests of Búrum cannot cast Prayer, Commune with Nature, Chariot of Sustarre, Spell Immunity, and any animal summoning spell; TU nil.

1 Goblinoids: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Ogres, Kobolds and other underground dwelling humanoid creatures not described as Human or Demi-human.


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