The World of Oriden:

Whether roaming the wind-swept plains, climbing the high mountain peaks, mucking through the dank swamps, creeping within the shadowy forests, exploring the bustling cities, or sailing the stormy seas, just find a location, and pick your adventure. Oriden is the adventurer’s domain.

Oriden is a medieval swords and sorcery campaign that is made up of four continents:

  1. Oridalia, the primary continent where 99% of all adventures take place, located north of the equator in the western hemisphere.
  2. Sulordalia, the broken continent south of Oridalia.
  3. Orenterra, the largest continent of the eastern hemisphere, located north of the equator.
  4. Austrenova, the southern continent of the eastern hemisphere.

Plus numerous archipelagos and large islands are scattered throughout the oceans of Oriden.

Oriden is mainly populated by Humans that have formed a many societies, and various governmental forms, and kingdoms. Likewise, Oridian nonhuman cultures show a variety of societies and governments as well. Oridian religions are mostly hierarchical polytheistic faiths.

The Zebulonian calendar, the standard calendar used in the campaign, is measured by twenty-four hour days, eight day weeks, four week months of thirty-two days each, and a sixteen month year lasting 512 days. The calendar was established by Zebulon Everen who also established the Mitrian faith on the Oridalian continent. Oriden has two moons named Neptis and Apia.

House Rules

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World of Oriden

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