Zebulon Everen

Zebulon Everen the hallowed (demi-god, pronounced ZEB-you-lon EV-err-enn)

Zebulon Everen is the first disciple of Mitra and founder of the Mitrian church. He is the high priest of high priests within this sect. Zebulon leads the continual conflict against wickedness embodied by Set and his Brotherhood of Evil. He and Ordor the creator are the only Oridian gods to live within the Prime Material Plane. Thus he cannot send an avatar to do his bidding. A gifted administrator, Zebulon’s administration has guided the Mitrian religion in overseeing the greatest advancement of human civilization in history.

Zebulon’s powers of persuasion are nearly as good as Athyrtinh’s. Those listening to Zebulon who have an intelligence score of 12, or lower are automatically won over to his side of the argument. Those with an intelligence scores of thirteen to eighteen must save versus spells, or be persuaded; intelligence scores over eighteen save with a plus two bonus. Creatures who are not of the Prime Material Plane are immune to this effect.

Zebulon owns a mace that grants him immortality so long as he has it in his possession. If the mace is out of his possession for a period of longer than three months (ninety-six days), Zebulon becomes mortal losing all divine powers the weapon’s possession granted him. The weapon is a mace of disruption, +2, +5 versus evil opponents. In addition, the mace increases Zebulon’s intelligence, wisdom and charisma scores to twenty-five. With the mace in hand, anyone within earshot of Zebulon can be charmed by him if he wills it. Evilly aligned creatures are automatically turned by this power. If any evil creatures touch the mace in any way, the being must save versus death at a minus two penalty, or be instantly disintegrated. With the mace when Zebulon wills it, undead creatures up to vampire level are automatically dispelled; liches must save vs. petrification to be dispelled, otherwise turned; those from the lower planes are automatically turned. Zebulon’s mace give him the abilities of true seeing and dark vision (combined infra- and ultra-vision), 90’ range. If the mace is loaned to a mortal being for a special purpose, that mortal may use for ninety-five days. On the ninety-fifth day, the mace teleports back to Zebulon. If the mace is taken by any non-evil mortal being without Zebulon’s permission, it ceases to function until it is back in Zebulon’s possession. It will teleport back to Zebulon after ninety-five days if that power is not magically warded against.

Zebulon has the powers of a twenty-third level Priest of Mitra (see Mitra – Duties of Priesthood). In addition, Zebulon is forty-percent resistant against all magical spells; sixty-percent versus spells, or spell-like powers cast by evil beings.

Statistics: (Priest of Mitra 23)
ST 15 DX 13 CN 19 IN 25 WI 25 CH 25
MV 12 SZ 6’ MR see above AC -4
HD 23 HP 69 #AT 1 THAC0 5
Dmg 1d6+1 (mace, special, see above)

Zebulon wears full plate armor, +2 and a shield, +2 during combat.

As head of the Mitrian church, all Priests of Mitra report to Zebulon and he ensures all priests under him follow the aims of the church.

Zebulon Everen

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