Neutral Gods

Ordor the Creator.

Phöbica of the Diaphanous Gown. Goddess of amorous passion and desire.

Balthasard the vengeful. Demi-god of vengeance and retribution.

Dionian the Trickster. Demi-god of thieves, gamblers and mischief.

Gods of Good

Bahamut, king of the good dragons. Creator of all beneficent life

Mitra the All-powerful: Chief deity of the Oridalians. The god of all that is good and just.

Isis: Wife of Mitra. Goddess of magic, marriage and fertility.

Creutus of the Cudgel. God of justice and law.

Athyrtinh the gifted. God of diplomacy and warfare.

Zebulon Everen the hallowed. The High Priest of Mitra.

Anador the great, chief deity of the Elves.

Tholmgild, chief deity of the Dwarven folk.

Mýradoc Álandil, chief deity of the Gnomish folk.

Froma, Halfling mother. Chief deity of the Shirefolk.

Gods of Evil

Tiamat, queen of the evil dragons. Creator of all maleficent life.

Set, god of evil and the night.

Kardemarch the Bloodthirsty. God of battle and massacre.

Faminix the Destroyer. God of plague and famine.

Morzul the Tormentor. God of pain, suffering and death.

Zanganâthra of the black moons. God of sorcery and black magic.

Búrum the all-seeing master. Chief deity of the Goblinoids.

Lolth the spider queen. Chief deity of the Dark Elves.


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