Mitra the all-powerful (greater god, pronounced MIH-trah)

Mitra is the personification of all that is virtuous and right. He is always promoting the interests of mankind and guarding against evil particularly Set the god of evil and the night. Mitra originally was a human warrior/wizard during the Draconian Wars. Mitra ascended to deity status after the Great Explosion that destroyed the draconian forces and preserved man’s survival on Oriden. It was Zebulon Everen, Mitra’s primary disciple, who traveled the Oridalian continent recruiting followers to Mitra resulting in his deification. Now Mitra has enough followers and priests to attain greater god status. Mitra is usually portrayed as a human male warrior wearing golden plate armor with a flowing golden mane of hair and slightly lion-like facial features. Mitra’s power represents the positive aspects of magic and self-defense. Like Set, Mitra is intimately involved with his worshipers (for a deity). Mitra will not willingly abandon, or betray his followers. If any faithful followers are in trouble and implore Mitra for aid, he will send 1-3 Lions to assist them.

Statistics: AL lg; WAL any good; AoC good and righteousness; SY a lion, rampant, or.

Mitra’s Avatar (warrior 20, wizard 20, priest 20)

ST 25 DX 20 CN 25 IN 25 WI 25 CH 25
MV 18” SZ 7½’ MR 75% AC-10 HD 20
HP 325 #AT 2 THAC0 2 Dmg 1d10+14 (sword)
SA Dispel magic and evil at will. Destroy any undead being at will.
SD All evil beings at a -4 penalty on all attacks and defenses within ten feet of this avatar. 90% MR vs. all magic cast by evil beings. Need +2 or better weapons to hit.

Mitra’s avatar appears as Mitra himself is portrayed. Mitra will only send an avatar if some great evil is present where his followers and his Lions cannot defeat it. On an extremely rare occasion, Mitra will send an avatar to deliver an especially important omen to his followers. Omens like this usually portend some cataclysm as a warning to his followers.

Duties of priesthood

Priests of Mitra must promote what is good and righteous as well as the interests of humanity in general. These priests cannot betray or abandon those of their order, or their followers. Requirements: AB standard; AL any good; WP any non-edged; AR any; SP all, astral, charm*, combat, creation*, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic*, protection, and sun (*minor access); PW 1) continuous protection from evil, continuous detect evil, Cure light wounds by touch (3 times per day per level); 3) Speak with animals once per day per three levels; 5) Dispel magic once per day per five levels; 7) protection from evil power grows to ten foot radius, cure serious wounds by touch once per day; 9) Dispel evil at will, summon 1-4 Lions of Mitra (q.v.) once per day for a maximum period of three hours, or until the task is completed whichever is sooner; all) speak wizards’ cant in addition to any other languages spoken, also have a +2 bonus to all saving throws vs. spells, or spell-like powers cast by evil beings, cannot animate dead or speak with monsters; TU turn


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