Isis, goddess of magic and fertility (intermediate god, pronounced EYE-sis)

Wife of Mitra, Isis embodies the ideal of Oridian marital relationships. Worshipers also pray to Isis to bear children, or a plentiful harvest, as she embodies all that is fertile. Wizards often seek her knowledge for new spells, or enchantments and she is eager to give them if given the right incentives (sacrifices). Isis is the one who found the Book of Dragon Power (q.v.) that reintroduced magic to Oriden. She died alongside Mitra in the Great Explosion. She became deified as wizards sought after her knowledge of magic with personal sacrifices after she died. As wives needed protection, they prayed to Isis for her help. Farmers and women also made sacrifices to Isis to ensure fertility. Isis is often depicted as a classically beautiful woman of regal stature who has green eyes that are said to dance with mystical highlights. Isis has the power to negate any spell cast by anyone with a wave of her hand.

Statistics: AL lg; WAL any good, wizards; AoC marriage, fertility and magic; SY eye and teardrop.

Isis’ Avatar (wizard 20, priest 20)

Isis’ avatar appears as the god is depicted. Isis will send her avatar if there is some great power threatening her worshipers, or her areas of control. On the other hand, if some wizard has created a new spell or enchantment of which she has no previous knowledge.

ST 15 DX 25 CN 15 IN 25 WI 24 CH 25 MV 15” SZ 7’ MR 100%, no exceptions
AC -3 HD 15 HP 170 #AT 1 THAC0 8
Dmg 1-10 (touch)

Special Att. and Def.: This avatar can cause 1-10 hit-points damage by simply touching her assailant with her hand. Her voice can charm any creature. She can use any spell of any school or sphere. Magical weapons are stripped of all powers and destroyed; relics and artifacts must save vs. disintegration. No spell will work on her unless she wishes it to do so. Spell-casters are stripped of their spell-casting abilities for 1-20 days if they cast a spell against her or her followers, save vs. spells applicable.

Duties of priesthood

Priests of Isis are allowed to be dual-classed mage-priests characters. The restriction on human multi-classed characters is waived for this particular order of priests and be only a mage-priest class combination. Priests of Isis may not be specialist wizard-priest combinations. As wizards, priests of Isis are allowed to cast any spell from any school of magic so long as its use conforms to the aims of the order. Priests of Isis are also expert botanists, or midwives. The acolyte must choose which discipline to master when first admitted to the order. All priests of Isis are expected to be capable marriage counselors and well informed on matters of sexuality in marital relationships.

Requirements: AB standard plus requirements for mages; AL any non-evil; WP those restricted to mages; AR none; SP all, astral, charm, combat*, creation, divination*, elemental, guardian*, healing, necromantic*, protection, sun; PW 1) Magic resistance of 5% per level, 10) never fail a saving throw vs. any magical attack; TU nil.


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