Bahamut the platinum dragon, king of the good dragons, creator of all beneficent life (greater god, pronounced bah-HAH-mutt)

Bahamut was created from star dust by Ordor the creator soon after the formation of Oriden. Ordor tasked Bahamut to organize sentient life to the positive side of conscienceness. Bahamut performed this task against fierce competition from Tiamat the evil dragon queen representing the negative side of conscienceness. To facilitate the fulfillment of his mission, Bahamut created the first metallic dragons from space dust. The metallic dragons, in turn, multiplied and created marvelous magical kingdoms all the while organizing as much sentient life to positive conscienceness as they possibly could. These civilizations thrived for many generations.

Tiamat and her evil gangs became jealously enraged against the good dragons, organized into armies and made war upon the good dragons. Both sides were evenly matched and ultimately annihilated each other. The civilizations on both sides of the war ceased to exist. The knowledge of magic became lost to the ages. Bahamut, in his infinite wisdom, foresaw the conflict. He wrote all known spells in a great magical tome and hid it deep within the Zauber Bergen the largest and highest mountain range on Oriden. Bahamut then created the second wave of sentient life on Oriden by creating the human and demi-human races. Since then, Bahamut tends and guards his creations as a shepherd his flock.

A war instigated by Tiamat’s goblinoid races made Ordor direct Bahamut to reintroduce magic to Oriden. Bahamut allowed his great tome of magical spells to be discovered by a human female. The reintroduction of magic quelled the goblinoid uprising. He then set in action events that now counter ploys set by Tiamat’s minions and her adopted son and protégé Set the god of evil and the night. Tiamat’s plans never allow Bahamut to rest for very long, so his involvement in mortal affairs is considerable.

Role-playing Notes: Bahamut almost always has his avatar traveling the Prime Material Plane specifically on Oriden. Where there is great evil lurking, Bahamut’s avatar usually involves himself in the conflict resolution.

Statistics: AL lg; WAL any good; AoC good dragons, positive conscienceness (good); SY a nugget of platinum.

Bahamut’s Avatar (Wizard 20, special)

Bahamut’s avatar is able to shape-change freely, but usually appears either as an old bearded man accompanied by seven canaries (shape-changed gold dragons), or a huge, ancient platinum dragon accompanied by seven huge, ancient gold dragons. This avatar may also freely travel the Astral and Ethereal Planes.

ST 20 DX 25 CN 25 IN 25 WI 25 CH 25
MV 24”/36”(fl) SZ 6’ tall/72’ long MR 85% AC -3
HD 21 HP 168 #AT 1 or 3
THAC0 2 Dmg 2-12/2-12/6-48 or by weapon type

Special Att./Def.: His main power is the ability to convert any being to good alignment save lesser gods and higher beings. Lesser divine beings are allowed a saving throw versus magic; mortals are automatically converted. He can employ this power up to thrice daily. In combat, Bahamut’s avatar is capable of employing any wizard spell of first through ninth levels three per level per day. In dragon form, Bahamut’s avatar can employ any one of three breath weapons — cold in a cone 80’ long with a final diameter of 30’ doing 88 hit points damage, a cloud of vapor, 50’ long by 40’ wide by 30’ high, that causes all mortal beings failing their save to assume gaseous form for twelve full turns, or a sonic vibration which will disintegrate up to 150 hit points within a 100’ radius. Bahamut’s avatar may use each breath weapon up to three times per day. All affected by his breath weapons save at a -3 penalty.

Duties of Priesthood:

Priests of Bahamut are expected to nurture and protect worshipers in their charge. These priests must never abandon, or betray their followers. As a force for good, priests of Bahamut must expend all other options available prior to resorting to physical violence. These priests may only kill if their own, or someone else’s life is in immanent mortal danger. Failure to strictly follow these laws will result in a major quest of atonement placed on the offending priest by his or her superiors. A second offense results in immediate defrocking and all powers and abilities of his or her priesthood stripped. The offending priest is then banished from the sect forever.

Requirements: AB IN 13, WI 14, CN 12; AL any good; WP any non-edged; AR any; SP all, animal, astral, charm*, combat*, creation, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic*, protection (*minor access); PW 1) levitate at will and continuously radiate protection from evil, 10’ radius, 3) fly 1/day/3 levels as wizard of same level, 5) cone of cold as wizard of same level once per day, 7) sonic blast causing 1d6 hp damage per level of priest once per day, 9) astral travel once per day; TU turn.


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