Eighth Level, Human, Male, Neutral Evil, Priest of Set



Priest of Set, Level 8


STR: 15, To Hit Adj 0, Dmg Adj 0, Wt Allow 55 lb, Max Press 170 lb, OD(WL) 8(0), BB/LG 7%

DEX: 12, no adjustments

CON: 15, HP Adj +1, Phys Save Adj +2,

INT: 14, Num Add Lang 4

WIS: 18, Willpower Save Adj +6, Bonus Spells 2/2/1/1, Ch. of Spell Fail 0%

CHA: 16, Max Num Hench 8, Loyalty Adj +4, 1st Impression Adj. +5


HP 53, AC 21, Net To-Hit Adj +6

Weapon Proficiencies

Footman’s Mace, Warhammer

Saving Throws

Net Phys Save Adj +4, Net Dex Save Adj +3, Net Willpower Save Adj. +9, Net Intellect Save Adj. +3

Special Abilities and Hindrances

Speak with Snakes at will.

Sticks to Snakes 1/day/3 levels, HD = level of priest.

Immune to poison of all types.

+2 save adjustment versus petrification and polymorph attacks.

Summon Snakes (per Summon Insects spell) 1/day/5 levels, HD = level of priest.

Conjure Snakes (per Conjure Animals spell) 1/day/7 levels, HD = level of priest.

Cannot cast spells from the animal, plant and sun spheres.

Can only cast spells of 4th level or lower from the astral, charm, creation, healing, protection and all elemental spheres.

Magic items

Warhammer, +1, NSA; Plate Mail, +2; Med. Shield, +1

Footman’s Mace, +5, Special:

A dull black Footman’s Mace, +5, that possesses abilities and powers that makes it a minor artifact weapon. Name: Sekir the Consumer, Int 18, Ego 18, Alignment Neutral Evil.

Life Draining Ability: Drain one level of experience per successful hit. The power is from a connection to the Negative Material Plane and to keep this power activated, the possessor must seek out and attack any undead creature with life draining powers with the mace to maintain this connection. Once the undead creature is struck, it’s body and essence is absorbed into the mace. This power must be recharged during the first period of new moons after the new year. Otherwise, the mace is a -2 cursed weapon and all other powers and abilities cease to function until it’s recharged during another period of new moons later in the year.

Confers to the possessor protection, +2 from all attacks.

Detect Alignment when held and ordered, 90’ radius.

Confers to the possessor a mild case of paranoia to the effect that he, or she cannot bring him, or herself to trust anyone completely. Plus he, or she is always suspicious of people’s motives.

When the life draining ability is used, the possessor must make a Physical save at a -2 adjustment (cumulative to all other adjustments), or have one experience level drained as well. Naturally the Sekir’s exceptional intelligence and ego control Mentuhothep, but the two personalities have such similar goals and ambitions that no discernible difference in the priest’s behavior was detected by his peers.

Cloak of Demons

A black hooded cloak with a red lining that has a gold pentagram sewn in. The Cloak of Demons is the other powerful magical possession of this priest. The cloak confers the wearer the following powers:

Darkness Blending: The cloak will blend into the night, or other dark circumstance, so as to make the wearer 90% undetectable by any non-magical means which includes any form of dark-vision (infra-, or ultra-vision, if it allows one to see in the dark it’s dark-vision). Even if the wearer is magically detected for, there is only a 50% chance that he, or she will be detected. Divine vision is excluded from this blending power.

Confers to the wearer limited immunity to heat, or cold in the form of a +4 adjustment to all saving throws versus these attack forms. This adjustment is cumulative to any other adjustments the wearer may possess against these attacks. Also the wearer is completely immune to natural heat, or cold.

The pentagram in the back of the cloak houses a trapped demon that may be summoned by rubbing the gold clasp at the collar and saying its name aloud. The demon can be summoned a maximum of seven times before the entrapment is broken and it can return to its home plane within the Abyss. Each time the demon is summoned, the wearer must a Physical save, or the entrapment is broken and the wearer is carried off by the demon to be enslaved for all eternity and permanently removed from the campaign. The demon’s statistics as follows:

Demon of the Cloak

Name: Fthuudhra (Fuh-TOO-drah)

Frequency: Unique

Organization: Individual

Activity Cycle: Any

Diet: Omnivorous (prefers human flesh)

Intelligence: Average

Treasure: nil

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Number Appearing: 1

Armor Class: 22

Movement: 12

Hit Dice: 14

Hit-points: 52

Size: H (22’ tall)

Number of Attacks: 3 (2 tail sting, 1 contact)

Damage per Attack: 4-24 + poison (2/rnd.)/8-48

Special Attacks: Poisonous tail sting – save vs. poison or die instantly

Special Defenses: Magic weapons to hit. Immune to spells and effects from wands and staves.

Special Abilities: Dimension Door as 14th level mage at will. Detect invisible objects, 90’ radius, once per round. Cast seven priest spells (randomly chosen) at the 14th level of power.

XPV: 19,000 (1E XPV – 11,336)

Spell list: 1st level – Protection from Good; 2nd level – Heat Metal; 3rd level – Call Lightning, Stone Shape; 5th level – Air Walk, Transmute Rock to Mud; 6th level – Aerial Servant. Spell names in italics are reversible.

Description: Fthuudhra may be described as a cross between a wingless Wyvern and a giant Kuo-toa. It has a face, eyes, head and fore-limbs similar to a Kuo-toa, and a torso, rear legs and tail similar to a Wyvern. Its hairless, its skin color is a bland shade of gray and its eyes are bright yellow with cat-like pupils. It walks upright on its hind legs. It has an equivalent dexterity score of fifteen and strength score of nineteen (Hill Giant strength). Fthuudhra possesses two nasty attacks: A poisonous tail sting in which it may strike twice per melee round that does 4-24 hp in damage. A target successfully struck by the tail must save vs. poison, or die instantly, otherwise take normal damage. It also attacks by touch, once per melee round, causing 8-48 hp damage; the armor class against this attack is always ten. Dexterity and magical modifiers apply. It’s also capable of casting seven priest spells per day at the fourteenth level of power. Fthuudhra cannot be hit by normal weapons and has complete immunity to any spells and effects from magical wands and staves. Fthuudhra may use Dimension Door at will at the fourteenth level of ability and can detect invisible objects, 90’ radius, once per round when concentrating.


Defrocked from the order of Mitra for committing murder, Mentuhotep’s life resembles that of Set the god of the night. Rumored to have been recruited by Set himself, Mentuhotep has worked his way through the ranks and become one of the high ranking priests within the order only one step below the high priesthood. Mentuhotep owns a special magical mace that is a dull black and said to drain away life energy with each blow. He also owns a special magic cloak that provides protection against all attack forms and is able to summon a demon from the lower planes to do his bidding for a time. Mentuhotep is thoroughly wicked and evil, and will do absolutely anything to get ahead, or get an edge over his competition. Naturally his mace and cloak give him decided advantages in any encounter Mentuhotep may find himself in and he’s not afraid to exploit these advantages to full effect. Mentuhothep is beholden only to the high priesthood whom he respects and admires only for the power, privilege, and prestige that office provides. He is always suspicious of anyone’s motives and does not trust others at all. His near blind ambition, mace, cloak and his suspicious nature make Mentuhothep a dangerous opponent far exceeding what his actual level would normally dictate.

The name Mentuhotep is ancient Egyptian meaning “Montu is pleased.” Montu was the god of Thebes, and a god of war. The first pharaoh to hold this name ruled during the eleventh dynasty of the Middle Kingdom. He set out on numerous military campaigns, and unified Upper and Lower Egypt, his most noted accomplishment. Mentuhotep ruled for fifty years from 2055 BCE to 2005 BCE. Several succeeding pharaohs have also taken this name who ruled during the eleventh, thirteenth and sixteenth dynasties. Mentuhotep I is known for building, or restoring temples to Montu throughout Egypt as well.


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