Johnson Aurelius Van Dant

Seventh level, lawful good, human fighter, Nickname: Troll Slayer

Class and Level

Fighter, level 7


STR: 18/00, To Hit Adj +3, Dmg Adj +6, Wt Allow 335 lb, Max Press 485 lb, OD(WL) 16(6), BB/LG 40%

DEX: 11, no adjustments

CON: 15, HPA +1, Phys Save Adj +5

INT: 11, Num Add Lang 2, no adjustments

WIS: 10, no adjustments

CHA: 11, Max Num Hench 4


HP 53, AC 22, Net To Hit Adj +9,XP 72,455 (NLG 125,000)

Saving Throws

Net Phys Adj +14, Net Dex Adj +4, Net Willpower Adj +6, Net Intellect Adj +3

Weapon Proficiencies

Bastard Sword, Two-Handed Sword, Dagger, Light Lance, Battleaxe, Footman’s Mace

Magic Items

Bastard Sword, +1 Flame Tongue (+2 vs. Regenerating Creatures; +3 vs. Inflammable, Cold Using, or Avian Creatures; +4 vs. Undead Creatures) INT 8, EGO 4, Detect Sloping Passages, Note Shifting Walls and Surfaces, Empathic, Name: Elorek, Align; Lawful Good.

Two-Handed Sword, +1, NSA; Plate Mail, +3; Scale Mail, +1; Shield, +1


Backpack; Large belt pouch; Belt, leather; Pants, standard; Shirt, cotton, standard; Boots, riding, hard leather; Spurs; Torches, 3 each; Flint and steel; Mirror, polished metal; Saddlebags, large; Rope, 50’; Grappling hook; Crampons, 1 pair; Iron rations, 7 days supply; Horse feed, 3 days supply; Saddle and blanket; Barding, half studded-leather; Wineskin, full; Drystone


With the exception of his spartan style helm, Johnson is very much the Norseman. He wears his hair long with two braids down each side of his head where his sideburns should be. Attached to those braids is a small scale of a Hydra, a small scale of a Green Dragon, a fingernail from a Troll’s pinky, and a partial Orc scalp; all to denote his monster slaying abilities. Naturally John possesses considerable skill as a fighter and loves nothing more to slay any monsters who dare to terrorize any human habitation, or serve a good king to rid his kingdom of a monstrous pestilence. Unfortunately, John’s impatience and lack of forethought often puts him between the proverbial rock and a hard place, and usually must engage in a lengthy combat to extricate himself. Despite his endurance, John is frequently weakened these protracted fights and will fall prey to other, usually weaker opponents and must rely on other party members rescue him. Despite those shortcomings, John is a team player, ofttimes following the decisions of the party without question, and never willingly abandons any of his party members. Thus, John is a popular figure amongst adventurers seeking someone reliable and competent as a party member.

John obtained his Flame Tongue sword during his first adventure. After meeting with a community of Wood Elves, he and his party agreed to slay a group of trolls that were periodically raiding the elves as they traveled from place to place. John was rewarded with the sword and bestowed his nickname by the elves.

While traveling from the wood elf village, his party was accosted by a young green dragon. His party defeated the dragon with surprising ease. John took a small scale from the dragon’s body to commemorate is first dragon slaying. Later on, his party met a druid who was being terrorized by a five-headed hydra. John’s party agreed to slay the hydra. After some difficulty, the hydra was slain and John was rewarded with a suit of magical scale mail. John took a small scale from the hydra’s body to commemorate the defeat of his first hydra. John’s party then ran across a group of human and elf soldiers that were fighting a regiment of Orc soldiers. He and his party joined the fight. After the defeat of the Orc soldiers, John scalped an orc, but not very successfully, plus he found his magic shield amongst the orcish bodies. Thus he has only a partial scalp to mark this achievement along with his shield. And so ended John’s first adventure.

John obtained his magic plate mail during a maze adventure after which he attained seventh level.

John’s enemies: Any troll, and any undead creatures.

John Van Dant is the son of a land-poor minor noble. John’s original aim in adventuring is to attain enough wealth to allow his family to payoff their debts. That goal has been achieved and now he adventures for the thrill, add to his reputation, and serve any good persons in righting any wrong doings.

Johnson Aurelius Van Dant

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